Short EQUALS Script Review + Details about Kristen’s role Nia

“I’ve read the script. I haven’t read many scripts in my life so I am not in the position to make a good review, so I’ll basically give some random thoughts.

I liked it, I thought it was well developed. I can’t say it’s a beautiful love story yet cuz it’ll depend on the direction and acting to make the audience buy it, but it has potential to be. Kristen will be able to make a really nice contrast between “having emotions” and “not having them”, she even has a breakdown scene so I think it’s a really smart move acting wise.

The characters Pearce and Weaver are playing are both really small, just there to really support, I don’t expect them to have any “stealler” moment, it’s really Hoult and Stew show.

It has potential. I’d worry they’d make it feel too “YA adaptation thing” but knowing Doremus, I bet he tried to make something deeper. Like Crazy had a concept really basic but he delivered it as remarkable, I believe he can make gold from this script. He’s not really the type who follows faithfully the script, so I expect changes as well. 

BTW judging by those stills the cinematography must be great.

I don’t really know what else to say, the story is quite simple overall (which is not exactly a bad thing), it reminded me a little of 1984.”



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