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The 25-year-old, who became the first American actress ever to win a Cesar Award and won several critics groups’ awards for her portrayal of a movie star’s assistant, reflects on celeb obsession—on screen and off—and offers advice to Daisy Ridley.
“As somebody who’s dealt with the more absurd, really surreal, oftentimes insanely superficial, empty circus of what the media can be — and perception versus reality — I thought it was really funny and appropriate for me to play that part,” says the actress Kristen Stewart of the one for which she currently is receiving accolades left and right — Val, an assistant to a movie star in the celeb-obsessed world of Olivier Assayas’ dark comedy Clouds of Sils Maria — as we sit down to record an episode of the ‘Awards Chatter’ podcast. “There was just nobody who could say those things with more knowing, and people know that,” she continues with a laugh. “I wanted those words in my mouth.”

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Ex-head of marketing at Summit Entertainment,Nancy Kirkpatrick, talks about Kristen


And Stewart, who as a child costarred with Jodie Foster in “Panic Room,” has proved herself post-“Twilight” not only with the big-budget follow “Snow White and the Huntsman” (one of 2012’s top 20 films at the box office), but also with smartly chosen roles in indie movies like “Still Alice” and “Clouds of Sils Maria,” which is generating Oscar buzz for the actress.

“Kristen was a really gifted actress before she ever read ‘Twilight,'” said Nancy Kirkpatrick, who worked with the actress when she served as the head of marketing at Summit Entertainment, which made the “Twilight” films. “When she’s 50, we’re still gonna see her work.”

“Now I watch her in interviews and feel like I’m actually seeing the real Kristen, but that’s taken a long time,” Kirkpatrick said of the 25-year-old. “She has an amazing team and publicist. She’s practiced. But she also just grew up.”

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Lily Gladstone talks about ‘Certain Women’ & Kristen

Gladstone was selected for the part of Jamie, a reclusive young woman who falls into the orbit of Stewart, a recent law school graduate undergoing a crisis of her own. In addition to Stewart, the leads are an acclaimed group: Laura Dern and Michelle Williams, forming a Robert Altman-like ensemble drama of everyday adults quietly consumed with crises.

Reichardt developed the screenplay from short stories by Helena native Maile Meloy.

Gladstone said it’s an ensemble-drama, three-act structure, with four leads who don’t necessarily interact with one another.

Dern plays an attorney named Laura Wells, whose client is unsatisfied with a workers’ compensation settlement and takes a handful of people hostage at the courthouse, a situation Laura must help diffuse.

Williams, a native of Kalispell, plays Gina Lewis, a woman whose marriage is falling apart. She and her husband become involved with an elderly man who has a stockpile of sandstone on his property.

Stewart and Gladstone’s story comprises the third act. Jamie lives and works alone as a ranch hand, caring for someone else’s animals.

Gladstone said she’s a young woman “in the throes of her first existential crisis.” She’s “very highly strung, somebody who wants to prove that she’s invincible but gets broken pretty frequently because of it.”

She meets Beth, a recent law school grad who’s teaching an adult education class in town, despite the long commute it requires.

“To Jamie she seems like this lawyer, this myth of a person, someone you meet and immediately put on a pedestal,” Gladstone said.

They soon find they have more in common than they realize.

“It feels like one of those points in all of our lives where we’re searching for something, and something comes and feels exactly like what we needed,” she said.

Gladstone said Stewart is level-headed and a hard worker, and Reichardt is an actor’s director – she gives the performers the first take and offers advice about scaling back or burying an emotion.

“She said at one point, ‘You get one moment in this story. And it’s not this one,’ ” Gladstone said.

The movie was shot mostly in the Livingston area on 16-millimeter film with the help of a grant from the Montana Film Office.

“There were a few times when the lens would frost and we couldn’t use the shot,” she said.


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Digital Scans of a little article about the untitled Woody Allen’s movie starring Kristen [CIAK Magazine December 2015]

Digital scans

Photos in the article


Loves in costume
Big names of Hollywood (Eisenberg,
Stewart, Carell) already working with Allen.
The next film of Woody Allen, arriving in 2016 but still
Untitled, as always it boasts a stellar cast that includes
Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Steve
Carell, Judy Davis. Judging from the clothes of the two actors, it will be a retro and vintage film. Jesse Eisenberg had worked with the
director in To Rome with Love. Our Vittorio Storaro is the director of

Woody Allen in Beverly Hills on the set of his latest movie with Jesse
Eisenberg (32) and Kristen Stewart (25), in the roles of James and Theresa.
The pair of actors, already together in Adventureland will be in American
Ultra by Nima Nourizadeh. [The film has yet to come out in Italian cinemas;)]

Actor Lars Eidinger talks about working with Kristen in Personal Shopper

“I luckily was able to be part of another movie by Olivier Assayas (Personal Shopper) in which I shot a whole day with Kristen Stewart. Her level of acting and mine are worlds apart, I just have to admit that. You must fool yourself if you believe you’re even close to hollywood niveau. But with Kristen, it’s not like people think: Acting isn’t about lying and pretending. It’s about being honest to yourself and to the audience all the time. She rules it! You look at her and it feels like it’s right for her in this moment. She doesn’t force it, she doesn’t reproduce what she just made up. She always plays it differently and “in the moment”. I would love to act this way aswell.”

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