Café Society to have a limited release on July 15 & go wide by July 29 in the US


Cafe Society has been give a traditional platform rollout from Lionsgate and Amazon Studios, with the Woody Allen-directed comedy getting a limited release on July 15, after which it will expand on July 22, and will finally go wide on July 29.

The previous plan was for the film to go wide on Aug. 12.

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart star in the Annie Hall director’s take on 1930s Hollywood, which will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate and Amazon Studios have changed their release plans on Woody Allen’s Cannes Film Festival opener Cafe Society. During CinemaCon, we were told by reliable sources that the film was going wide on August 12. Instead, Cafe Society now will open limited on July 15, expand July 22 and go wide July 29.

It was surprising to hear Cafe Society was going to open wide, which is uncommon for an Allen film. Platform sounds right, particularly during the summer art-house period and the fact that adults don’t all arrive at the theater during opening weekend. And August 12 would have been a vicious time to take an Allen title wide, with Paramount making a go at adults with Florence Foster Jenkins, plus such wide entries as Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, Sony’s Sausage Party and Universal’s Spectral.

Cafe Society kicks off Cannes on May 11.

– Deadline


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